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48″ Koi Fish Transport Mesh Sock TEC777

48″ Koi Fish Transport Mesh Sock TEC777 | United Aquatics

48″ Koi Fish Transport Mesh Sock TEC777

Price: $44.99

Brand: United Aquatics



• 48 Inch Long Soft Mesh Sock 

• Safely Move Your Valuable Koi 

• 8 Inch Diameter Ring

Safely remove or transfer your valuable fish with our Koi sock net. This 48 inch long Koi sock net allows plenty of room for moving even the larger sized Koi with minimum stress. Ideal for transferring your Koi to an inspection tank or bowl for medical treatment or for show. 

Using a Koi sock net

  1. Step one Hold the Koi sock with the handle in one hand and the open end in the other and lower the head of the net into the water. 
  2. Step two Slowly move the sock net over the Koi. It is best to have the Koi enter the net head first, this makes releasing the fish both easier and safer. 
  3. Step three Once the fish is safely in the net grasp the open end securely to seal it and, keeping the sock net horizontal, gently lift the Koi out of the water. 
  4. Step four Gently lower the Koi into the water you are transferring it too. Keep the head of the net out of the water while keeping the fish horizontal. Release your grip on the open end of the Koi sock net to allow the fish to swim out of the net.