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Air Kits for Cleargard Filters

Air Kits for Cleargard Filters | Pressure Filters

Air Kits for Cleargard Filters

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Brand: Pondmaster

SKU: SUP15660-15670


The Backwash Air Kit uses forced air to create turbulence inside the filter to break up debris build-up that has clogged the filter media. 

The turbulence will release waste for more thorough backwashing.

Each Kit Includes:

  • Pondmaster Air Pump
  • 10 feet Vinyl Tubing
  • Clamps & Appropriate Fittings
  • 1/2"npt x barb elbow,
  • Inline Ball Valve

SUP15660 - Clearguard Small Backwash Air Kit AP-40 Air Pump 

SUP15670 - Clearguard Large Backwash Air Kit AP-60 Air Pump