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Alpine Bio-Pure™ Pressure Filters

Alpine Bio-Pure™ Pressure Filters | Alpine

Alpine Bio-Pure™ Pressure Filters

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Brand: Alpine



Bio-Pure Pressure Filters are ideal for pond owners wanting simplicity, clear water, and a filter system that can be easily hidden. 

Ideal for use with waterfall applications.

 UL listed.

Available with or without UV's


Multi-stage biological and mechanical filtration. 

Large foam surface provides increased filtration Unique external pressure indicator

Can be Partially buried

Universial connectors fit 3/4" to 1-1/2" tubing

2 year warranty

BKM71: 1000-gal. [PLF1000]

BKM72: 1000-gal. With 7 watt UVC [PLF1000U] 

BKM73:  2000-gal. [PLF2000]

BKM74:  2000-gal. with 9 watt UVC [PLF2000U]

BKM76:  3000-gal. with 11 watt UVC [PLF3000U]