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Alpine Five Disk Pond Fogger Kit

Alpine Five Disk Pond Fogger Kit | Alpine

Alpine Five Disk Pond Fogger Kit

Price: $259.99

Brand: Alpine



5 membrane fogger with 18 multi-color LEDs, outdoor transformer and S-112 floating ring

  • * Creates a mystical super pond fog from water within seconds!
  • * New built in LED lights change color every few seconds
  • * LED lights are in red, yellow, & blue * Place in any pond, or large water feature 
  • * Simply place into floating ring, then in water and watch it fog! Water will stay cool. * The dry ice effect without dry ice! No chemicals needed. 
  • * Fish safe. 
  • * Uses ultrasonic sound waves to creat the mystical super pond fog.
  • * Outdoor Transformer
  • * 5 Membrane Fogger with 18 LEDs
  • * Membrane
  • * Floating Ring