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ALPINE Hybrid Powered 280gph pump

ALPINE Hybrid Powered 280gph pump | Alpine

ALPINE Hybrid Powered 280gph pump

Price: $284.99

Brand: Alpine



The PYP280HB is a hybrid pump uses both solar and electrical Power! 

Hybrid pump is designed to cut your energy costs in half and give you full solar optimization. It will pay for itself in electrical savings in a matter of months. 

Ideal for small ponds, this revolutionary product works by harnessing the power of the sun using a solar panel, reinforced by a transformer during those cloudy days and running completely on electricity at night.

Combining efficiency and performance in one great product, our hybrid pump delivers unmatched reliability.

 Product Info


280 GPH water pump

High end solar panel for optimal performance level

Hybrid box with 12V transformer connector, solar panel connector and pump connector

  • 7.5 Watts
  • 0.61 Amps
  • 8' Max Head
  • 1/2" Outlet Connection

Cord Lengths:

1 ft from hybrid box to transformer,

16 ft from hybrid box to solar panel,

16 ft from hybrid box to pump and

5 ft from transformer to wall plug

  • 1 year warranty