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biOrb Easy Plant Set Tall Green

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biOrb Easy Plant Set Tall Green

Price: $14.99

Brand: biOrb

SKU: OAB46057


  • Twin pack of easy to use plastic aquarium plants used to decorate your aquarium and give your fish a more interesting environment.
  • Compatible with Freshwater/Saltwater/Tropical aquarium set ups. 

Item # 46057 (Large)

The biOrb Easy Plant Packs are a range of plastic plants designed for use in the biOrb. Instead of a large plastic base these plants have a smooth weighted ball which is easier to fit into the ceramic media in the biOrb and holds it in place. The large pack is suitable for 16 gallon / 60 liter and larger biOrbs. The height of the tallest plant in the twin pack is 15.35 inches / 39 cm and base width is 1.57 inches / 4 cm.


  • biOrb Easy Plant Pack x 1
  • Includes two plants in each pack