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biOrb Flower Ball Pink

biOrb Flower Ball Pink | biOrb Accessories

biOrb Flower Ball Pink

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Brand: biOrb

SKU: OAB46088


46088 Pink biOrb Flower Ball

  • Flower balls inspired by plants in nature add color and interest to your aquarium.
  • Compatible with Freshwater/Saltwater/Tropical aquarium set-ups.


46088 (Pink), 

Pink Flower Balls

The biOrb Pink and Purple Flower Balls are inspired by the decorative moss phlox of Shibazakura. Use to add a pop of color to your underwater landscape. It is equipped with a weighted ball at its base to prevent floating. The height of the topiary ball is 4.33 inches / 11 cm and 5.12 inches / 13 cm in width. Suitable for all aquariums.