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Eco-Series Spillway 34" Wide

Eco-Series Spillway 34

Eco-Series Spillway 34" Wide

Price: $224.99

Brand: EasyPro



CF34E Eco-Series Spillway 34" Wide

  • One piece waterfall spillways ideal for creating Just-A-Falls style water features
  • Roto-molded for excellent strength
  • Easy installation – liner attaches to spillway using the patented “Spliner Lock” system – no silicone, no bolts, no tools!
  • Dual inlets – 2″ spinwelds (pre-installed for you) allow for easy plumbing into either end, a plug for unused end is included
  • 4″ diffuser tube lays across the bottom of the spillway in between the inlet fittings
  • Water enters from either end (or both ends) and spreads out evenly across width of spillway
  • Gravel can be used to fill the inside of the spillway creating a natural, even looking waterfall


  • Dimensions - 37 1/4"W x 14 1/2"D x 13 1/2"T
  • Inlet - Two - 2"
  • Waterfall Opening - 34"
  • Weight - 17

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