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CNP128 CNP16 CNP32 Water Conditioner PLUS

CNP128 CNP16 CNP32 Water Conditioner PLUS | EasyPro

CNP128 CNP16 CNP32 Water Conditioner PLUS

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Brand: EasyPro

SKU: EAPR233-234-235


Water Conditioner PLUS protects fish by neutralizing chlorine, destroying chloramines and removing ammonia to make tap water safe for pond use. It also buffers pH and detoxifies heavy metals found in both city and well water. As one of the most complete water conditions available, Water Conditioner PLUS provides trusted results and is ideal for use in water gardens and koi ponds.

  • Maintenance Dose 1 fl oz per 60 gallons 1 ppm 
  • Ammonia removal, 1 fl oz per 120 gallons 1 ppm 
  • Chlorine removal, 1 fl oz per 192 gallons 1 ppm Chloramine detoxification

CNP16 Water Conditioner PLUS 16 oz. (1 pint)

  • Bottle Treats 960 gallons

CNP32 Water Conditioner PLUS 32 oz. (1 quart)

  • Bottle Treats1920 gallons

CNP128 Water Conditioner PLUS 128 oz. (1 gallon)

  • Bottle Treats 7680 gallons


This formulation is one of the most comprehensive water conditioners available. Apply directly to new ponds or immediately after water changes to remove toxins and reduce stress on fish or other aquatic life.

  • Removes ammonia, chlorine and destroys chloramines
  • Detoxifies nitrite and heavy metals
  • Adds essential electrolytes, enhances skin slime coat and reduces stress
  • Apply at 1 fl. oz. per 60 gallons to remove 1 ppm of ammonia, 2 ppm of Chlorine and destroy 3.2 ppm of Chloramine.

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