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CrystalClear Foam-B-Gone CC060-1G

CrystalClear Foam-B-Gone  CC060-1G | Crystal Clear

CrystalClear Foam-B-Gone CC060-1G

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CC060-1G    1 Gallon

Brand: Crystal Clear



Foam Remover


  • Removes Foam in Seconds
  • For Use in Ponds, Fountains & Statuary
  • Safe for All Aquatic & Domestic Animals

CrystalClear® Foam-B-Gone™ will remove foam from water within seconds of application. Excessive proteins present in pond water usually cause foam. Protein foam can be harmful and should be removed quickly.


CrystalClear® Foam-B-Gone™ Dosage Rates

Pond Size

(In Gallons)


(As Needed)

1,000 Gallons

1 Ounce

2,000 Gallons

2 Ounces

4,000 Gallons

4 Ounces

8,000 Gallons

8 Ounces

Routine Application Rate

Shake well before use. Apply 1 ounce of Foam-B-Gone™ for every 1,000 gallons of pond water as needed.

Persistent Problem Application Rate

For persistent and heavy foaming problems apply Foam-B-Gone™ as needed.

For Best Results

Since foaming is usually an indicator of heavy organic loads it is best to apply a strong bacteria and enzyme supplement such as CrystalClear® ClarityMax™ to remove unwanted organics.

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