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DeWitt Bird/Pond Netting

DeWitt Bird/Pond Netting | DeWitt

DeWitt Bird/Pond Netting

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Bird and Pond Netting 3/4" 



DeWitt Bird & Pond Netting is a durable, UV-treated polypropylene with 3/4 hole openings that allows in sunlight, moisture and ventilation. 

It is a safe, humane pest protection for fruit and vegetables or can be used to protect fish and water life from predators. 

Also safely deters children and pets from the protected area.

Netting helps keep leaves and harmful debris out of pond water to stay cleaner and healthier for optimum life which extends the life of the pond.


Sizes Available:

BPN710  7 X 10 
BPN720  7 X 20 
BPN1414  14 X 14 
BPN1445  14 X 45 
BPN2828 28 X 28