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DUO, Pond Pump/Filter Kit 440022

DUO, Pond Pump/Filter Kit 440022 | Lifegard Aquatics

DUO, Pond Pump/Filter Kit 440022

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Uno, Duo, TrioŽ Pond Pump/Filter Kits

Complete with Quiet One Pump and Fountain Spray Attachment with leveling fitting to keep fountain spray straight and vertical if pond bottom is uneven.

Multi-chambers filter out pollutants through mechanical and biological means. Features 2-stage high capacity mechanical filtration, (2 types of sponges) while biological media is safely contained inside sturdy material. Available in single, double or triple capacity.


Uno, Duo, Trio Filter/Pump Kits

Part No. Model Pump Voltage Pond Size
R440021 UNO KIT Q1 2200 115V / 50Hz Up to 1000 Gallons
R440022 DUO KIT Q1 3000 115V / 50Hz Up to 1500 Gallons
R440023 TRIO KIT Q1 4000 115V / 50Hz Up to 2000