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EPHU16 pH Up 16oz. (1 pint)

EPHU16 pH Up  16oz. (1 pint) | EasyPro

EPHU16 pH Up 16oz. (1 pint)

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Brand: EasyPro



EasyPro pH Up provides a safe, effective way to raise pH in your pond.

Many factors in a pond affect the waterís pH such as fish food and decaying plant material. When determining whether or not to increase (or decrease) pH, always track the waterís pH over several days by measuring the pH at several times during the day (8 am, 1 pm and 6 pm for example). This will help demonstrate the natural fluctuations in your pondís pH. A pondís pH can naturally fluctuate widely during a 24 hour period. Attempting to make changes to a pondís daily pH changes may be harmful to aquatic life. Keep records of all pH readings and the times of day the readings were taken. Be sure to use reliable pH test kits.


EPHU16 pH Up Ė 16oz. (1 pint)
  • Safe, effective way to control pH
  • Treats fresh or salt water
  • Phosphate free
  • Safe for use with fish and plants

Directions for Use

After measuring and recording pondís natural pH levels this product can be used to increase pH in pond water. Apply 1 fl. oz. per 600 gallons of pond water. To increase the pH 1/10 of a point add 1 fl. oz. per 600 gallons of water. Allow water to circulate for a minimum of 30 minutes then retest. Re-dose as needed to get the pond water to desired pH.

This is not a medication, chemotherapeutic agent or economic poison. Store between 60 Ė 100į F. Keep out of reach of children.

  • Initial Dose - 1 oz per 600 gallons
  • Maintenance Dose - 1 oz per 600 gallons
  • Bottle Treats - 9600 gallons

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