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EPIC Dog Scram Shaker Bag

EPIC Dog Scram Shaker Bag | EPIC

EPIC Dog Scram Shaker Bag

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Brand: EPIC

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Dog Scram Shaker Bag 3.5 lb bag.

  • Stop Dog Damage†Naturally.†
  • All natural ingredients.†
  • Granular Repellent. 3.5 lb bag with screw top dispenser.†
  • Ready to use, Just Sprinkle.†
  • Guaranteed to work.†
  • Keep out of Reach of Children.

How Does Scram for Dogs Work?

Scram for Dogs organic dog repellant uses the repelling power of natural aromatic oils and other natural substances to create a strong scent barrier. Despite its potency, Scram for Dogs is not harmful to the target animals, people or the environment. The ingredients in Scram for Dogs are specially formulated based on EPICís years of experience developing repellents from this type of behavior-modification approach. In other words, dogs are not only repelled by this product, they are trained to continue to avoid treated gardens, shrubs, trees, and lawns.