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Hakko Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser

Hakko Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser | Matala

Hakko Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser

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Brand: Matala

SKU: MWT124-125


The heavy-duty memebrane with highly durable base which is constructed of molded polypropylene. 

The precision perforated 1' slits open when airflow is present, close when airflow is stopped, resist tearing, and stay cleaner longer. 

A standard 3/4" diffuser pipe thread makes it convenient to replace other coarse bubbler diffusers. 

Stainless steel 304 clamping ring holds the membrane firmly in place. 

Center triple o-rings support the center of the membrane when airflow is absent.

Available in 9 inch and 12 inch Diameter sizes.

MWT124 - 9 Inch Dia.

MWT125 - 12 Inch Dia.