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Heron and Critter Protection Netting

Heron and Critter Protection Netting

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Brand: KW Solutions

SKU: KwnH1020-2530


This net is virtually invisible! You can still enjoy the beauty of your pond and fish while protecting it from critters with this new net. The knotted material is very strong and will not rip or tear. It is UV protected nylon for longer life span.

This net will stop Blue Heron, Cats, Raccoons and other critters from feasting on your koi or goldfish. Blue Herons want to walk into shallow water or fly and land in the water, this new net will stop this from happening.

The Blue Heron and Critter Protection net can be used in early spring before your foliage matures to full coverage proving protection for your fish.

The net is also great for providing protection from critters when you're on vacation or away from home.
For best protection, suspend this net over the water's surface.

Our nets are cut into popular sizes and come with plastic pins to hold the netting in place. 


2 black heavy duty knotted netting 

5 plastic pins for stakes 

Virtually invisible.

KwnH1012: 10' x 12'

KwnH1220: 12 x 20

KwnH1525: 15 x 25

KwnH2025: 20 x 25

KwnH2530: 25 x 30