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Matala BioSteps Filter with Waterfall

Matala BioSteps Filter with Waterfall | Matala

Matala BioSteps Filter with Waterfall

Price: $233.00

Brand: Matala



Matala Gravity filter that contains an amazing 200 sq. ft. surface area for beneficial bacterial growth. 

Combined with a cross flow design that traps and processes more debris at high flow rates, you get unparalleled mechanical and biological filtration for superior water quality. 

Universal barb inlet 1" to 1-1/2" and 1-1/2" outlet. 

For ponds up to 2700 gallons. 

  • State of the Arts Progressive Filtration design enhances growth of different ecological communities of bacteria and planktonic organisms that colonize different sections of the filter. 
  • Flow rate 1060 gph max. 
  • Overflow built-in for safety. 
  • Easy to maintain. Modular design allows for expansion. 
  • Pre-attached mini-fall.