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Nycon Pond Nets

Nycon Pond Nets | Nycon Products

Nycon Pond Nets

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Brand: Nycon

SKU: NycA09-14


Designed especially for handling small fish in ponds. 

Frame and handle are all aluminum and securely attached.

NycA09 12" x 8" oval frame; 8" net depth of black 1/4" poly; 12" handle

NycA10 10" x 8" rectangle frame; 8" net depth of white 1/16" poly; 12" handle

NycA11 same as NycA09 except 18" handle

NycA12 same as NycA09 except 36" handle

NycA13 same as NycA10 except 18" handle

NycA14 same as NycA10 except 36" handle