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OASE Indoor Aquatics OptiMax 85i

Oase optimax

OASE Indoor Aquatics OptiMax 85i

Price: $32.99

Brand: Oase Indoor Aquatics

SKU: OAA49561


  • Compact, yet powerful pump operates quietly to circulate your aquarium's water
  • Adjustable flow control is built into the pump Ideal for use as a wavemaker pump
  • All necessary fittings are included
  • Lightweight pump with suction feet allows for easy attachment to the side of any aquarium
  • Proven to use less energy and still have more output than competitors
  • Made in Italy, backed by German engineering
  • Fresh and marine water compatible
  • Submersed installation
  • 3 year warranty

The OASE OptiMax line of aquarium pumps are designed for marine and freshwater tanks. The OptiMax 85i includes the fittings in the box for easy installation. With the pump's lightweight body you will have no trouble quickly placing your pump in its desired location using the suction cup feet. 

This pump includes a built-in adjustable flow control to adjust the water flow to your desired setting making it ideal for wavemaker applications. It is proven to use less energy and still have more output than other standard pumps.



2.2 x 1.7 x 2.4 in.

Rate Voltage
115V / 60 Hz

Power Consumption

4 Watts

Power Cord Length

6 ft

Net Weight

0.4 lbs.

Max. Flow Rate

85 GPH

Max. Head Height

1.8 ft


1/2 in.

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