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PP8-PP12 EasyPro Pump Pro-Tector

PP8-PP12  EasyPro Pump Pro-Tector | EasyPro

PP8-PP12 EasyPro Pump Pro-Tector

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Brand: EasyPro

SKU: EAPR400-401


PP8 8" Pump Pro-Tector
PP12 12" Pump Pro-Tector
  • Protect against plugging by creating a large surface area around the pump
  • Designed to fit all brands of small pumps
  • Has a polyester filter media pad inside of a nylon mesh bag
  • Drawstring top with push button release keep the top closed around the pump yet makes for easy pump removal
  • PP8 has an 8″ diameter and 1″ thick sidewalls allowing pumps up to 6″ diameter
  • PP12 has a 12″ diameter and has 2″ thick sidewalls allowing pumps up to 8″ diamete