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Scott Aerator Jet Stream Fountain

Scott Aerator Jet Stream Fountain | Scott Aerator

Scott Aerator Jet Stream Fountain

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Brand: Scott Aerator

SKU: Sca45A-45B


Sca45A: 1/2-HP/115V

Sca45B: 1.5-HP/230V

Want a water display above all others? Our Jet Stream Fountain achieves a tight, columnar, vertical spray up to 50 feet with the 1-hp motor, up to 35 feet with -hp models. 

The single, stunning flume produced by the Jet Stream adds an eye-catching, ear-pleasing focal point to your lake or pond. Enhance it even more with nighttime lighting options.

Like all of the products Scott Aerator manufactures, the Jet Stream utilizes a stainless steel, oil-free submersible motor, making it the most environmentally friendly style of fountain on the market. The Jet Stream is proudly manufactured in the USA and carries an unconditional, 5-year motor warranty. 

You may upgrade the 1/2 hp /115v model to 230 volts. If you choose to do this, purchase the 1/2hp model, return here and purchase the upgrade separate!!

Scc10: Upgrade to 230V


The -hp units come with 70 feet of submersible, 12-gauge cable (100 feet with the 1-hp model).

Greater cable lengths are also available.

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