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Ultraclear Pro-Flocculant 1 gal

Ultraclear Pro-Flocculant 1 gal | UltraClear

Ultraclear Pro-Flocculant 1 gal

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Brand: UltraClear

SKU: UCL1255


UltraClear Pro Flocculant

UltraClear ProFlocculant is a fast acting chemical formulation for rapid clarification.

UltraClear ProFloculant contains long chain organic polymers that force small particles (silt, algae, clay, loose sediment, etc.) to bind or clump together. The clumps can be filtered from the water or simply settle to the bottom.

UltraClear ProFlocculant rapidly converts turbid or soup-like water to crystal clarity. 

One gallon of ProFlocculant
treats 250,000 gallons of pond, lake or lagoon volume.


  • Works within 24 hours.
  • Effective for weeks.
  • Works with UltraClear products.
  • Not a biological product.


Mix one gallon of UltraClear ProFlocculant with 19 gallons of water. 

Spray over surface area to be treated.