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Waterscapes Skimmers

Waterscapes Skimmers | Atlantic Water Gardens

Waterscapes Skimmers

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Brand: Atlantic Water Gardens

SKU: AWG114-115


In addition to housing and hiding the pump, the advanced filtration provided by an Atlantic Skimmer is essential for maintaining a beautiful, healthy water garden. Atlantic Skimmers provide mechanical filtration for outstanding water clarity.

Super Flow weir doors for maximum surface cleaning

Designed to be easily camouflaged with natural materials and plants

Rugged high-density polyethylene shell warranted for life

Each unit includes removable lid, filter mat, basket, and silicone

Acts as a prefilter to remove solids before they sink to the bottom of the pond. 



  • 6" weir opening, 
  • max pond area 350 sq. ft., 
  • pump flow 1000-3000 gph. 
  • Use with BF1000/1250


  • 9" weir opening, 
  • max pond area 700 sq. ft., 
  • pump flow 2000-4000 gph. 
  • Use with BF1500