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WFS50 1/2" Brass Fill Valve

WFS50 1/2

WFS50 1/2" Brass Fill Valve

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Brand: EasyPro



Brass fill valves help replace water from lost from evaporation or splash in ponds, waterfalls and other water feature applications.

WFS50 1/2" Brass Fill Valve

  • Ideal for use in skimmers, vaults and the water fill box (WFB) for maintaining water levels in many different applications
  • Heavy duty brass body and brass rods are far superior to plastic fill valves
  • Valve rod (arm) can be adjusted to fit your exact requirements
  • WFS50 fill valve includes brass valve, rod, plastic float and fittings to connect to irrigation tubing
  • Flow rating: 12.5 gallons per minute at 15 psi, 17.5 gallons per minute at 35 psi
  • Recommended maximum water pressure 35 psi
  • Water fill valves may require inline pressure regulator to keep pressures below recommended limits


  • Dimensions - 12 1/2" Overall Length
  • Weight - 2

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